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Sanitized for your protection! 

If you've got a fever for great live music, cruise on over to the Titanic Restaurant & Brewery on Saturday night, March 14, for some taaaasty vittles--washed down with thirst-quenching micro-brews and classic-style original rock tunes presented by yours truly, Crash the Jag at 10PM.  Robin is blowing back into town from Nashville and promises not to get sneezed on by anyone en route.  NO IFFY HUGS--just HUGE RIFFS and lots of fun.  Can't wait to see you!

Guess who's back? 

Crash the Jag returns to the legendary TITANIC Restaurant & Brewery in Coral Gables for another night of original rock in the classic style.  If you thought the fun season was over, you're wrong!  We're keeping things going with our first public performance of 2020.  Come see us on, Friday January 24 at 10 pm.  All ages, no covers, craft beers and great comestibles!

Always crashing in the same bar! 

We can't wait to see you for our next show on Friday, September 27 at 10pm, back on stage at our favorite haunt, our home base, garage bay #1 where the best tools live, the TITANIC RESTAURANT & BREWERY in Coral Gables, Florida.  You won't want to miss our first appearance with our new beatsmaster, Igor, firing powerfully on all cylinders (i.e., drums)!  Robin will be in from Music City where he's been lending his vocal talents to the star-studded performers of Nashville Unexpected.  The Jag is tuned up and ready to roar!

CTJ Lives! 

Officer, that tree just keeps jumping out in front of us!  the Jag is Crashing again into the bandstand at our favorite haunt on the edge of the U--Titanic Restaurant & Brewery!  Meet us there with your coolest friends on December 15 for another special evening of original rock in the classic style.  Impact at 10pm.  Come for the food, stay for the freaks!  Vroooom vrooom roarrrr!  

Next Show - February 24, 2018 

You heard right--Crash the Jag is revving the engines once again for a spin around the Titanic Restaurant & Brewery in Coral Gables, FL.  Old fans, new fans, non-fans, friends, and truth-seekers, come one, come all, and check us out on Saturday night, February 24 (2018, if you're reading this, future people)!  The show starts at 10pm, but get there early to grab a table for a great view, great food, and an array of fantastic microbrewed libations.

Crash the Jag Returns! 

Revenge of the Return of the Crash the Jag in 3D!  Everyone's (OK, some people's) favorite original rock band is back at the Titanic Restaurant & Brewery--Saturday, October 14 at 9pm.  Singer Robin will be coming back from Nashville to grace us with his pipes and stage antics, and we'll also be joined by our newest band member, Santi, on keys.  CTJ as you've never heard us before!  Hope to see you there!  --CTJ

Announcing our next live performance 

Friends, we're excited to announce our next live performance, coming up in two weeks time back at the Titanic Restaurant & Brewery.  Hope to see you there with your fellow music lovers.  xo, CTJ